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September 10th, 2017

females first

Worrying About People Is Tiring

My sister lost her car. She lost her car. And the friend she was staying with kicked her out. So now she's staying with me instead of on the streets. In my tiny apartment.

Not only did she lose her car, she didn't tell me about about it for days, so now getting the car out of the pound will cost "thousands" of dollars. In other words, she may never get it back. I don't know what happened, why it got towed away. I told her to prioritize the car. It was her home.

All this started cuz our good-for-nothing mother burned down an apartment and destroyed my sister's rental history. Permanently, it seems. How many major mistakes can a person rack up in a single lifetime? My sister is a hardworker and has had a stable job with decent pay for years now, yet no one will rent her an apartment because of our leech of a mother.

She was leeching off my sister at the time, living in an apartment she paid not a cent for, she leeched off my sister after the fire, and now I hear she may be leeching off our other sister. She can't support herself. She knows almost nothing about the job market, has hardly any work history (all minimum-wage jobs), and has a felony on her record! Moron. She wouldn't even go get help with her resumé when she lived three blocks from the employment department.

What kind of person is this? She probably couldn't work anyhow because of what she's done to her health. And I'm sure she will act completely helpless when it comes to applying for social security benefits.