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September 14th, 2017

females first

What Have I Gotten Myself Into

I just got back from bridge lessons about half an hour ago. Turns out bridge is the most complicated game EVAR. I thought I wouldn't want to go back because of the social aspect, but it's the time and effort I'll have to put in that bother me.

I got one-on-one lessons. With someone who uses some kind of electronic voice box thing to talk. Match made in hell. I felt that I couldn't deal with her disappointment if I said that I wouldn't come back, so I said that I would return next week even though I wasn't sure. Gotta stop doing that.

I'm going to try to learn this game online.

I told them I was 37 (I keep forgetting that I'm only 36) and they said they thought I was a high school student. Wat. I don't look that young.