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dark Mulder

$21 for A Migraine

I was happy this morning because my headache went away completely, but being out and about brought it back. My paratransit trip to the VA took roughly the same amount of time it would have taken had I used the bus, cost twice as much, and didn't prevent a migraine—the main thing I applied for paratransit to prevent. So I won't be using that service again except for absolutely critical trips one town away. The only pros were the curbside service and the lack of other passengers.

I tried to find the travel dept. to which I'd been directed, but it apparently does not exist. There were forms for travel reimbursement at the reception desk. That's all.

I am so pissed that I can't lift or work on my latest editing test or concentrate on ANYTHING with this pain. The whole day is RUINED. I am DEFINITELY not going to my upcoming medical appointment unless I can get a ride, a SINGLE ride, not a transfer between two shuttles/vans.

The van driver was playing the damned radio up until I asked her to turn it off on the return trip. MAYBE the drivers should be given some sort of information about the specific needs of the passengers. It's ridiculous that I get approved on the basis of auditory sensitivity and have to ask to have the radio off! I know that local paratransit does not have many consumers, so this shouldn't be difficult to implement.

On the bright side, Clif Bars were only a dollar at the medical center convenience store, and I got a tasty and inexpensive lunch of tofu stir fry, egg rolls, and fried rice (it was more like fried orzo) at the cafeteria.

I was the only person in the lab and was served immediately. I was surprised that I had to give up only four vials of blood.

The van driver sounded surprised when I asked her to turn the radio off. I wonder what she would have sounded like to someone else. I remember that one of the voices I listened to during my neuropsych testing sounded surprised, but "surprised" wasn't even one of the answer choices lol.

My employment specialist seems to think that she can't help me much. She found another company that hires remote editors, and I agreed to apply yesterday. I looked up some Glassdoor reviews of the company today. Enough of the remote editors seemed displeased to give me pause. Well, whatever. I can always refuse whatever offer I may get. The job requires Word 2010, so she said that she would request a new computer for me. I don't want a new computer, but I doubt VOR will buy me a refurbished computer, and I'm worried that it'll seem weird for me to even ask for one (which of course is not nearly so big of a deal that I ought to worry about it).

I had a couple bags of Lay's potato chips for the sodium. That seemed to alleviate my migraine before. Not this time, thousand calories worth of junk down the hatch. I lay down for a while, which has ALWAYS been helpful, but I felt worse afterwards this time.