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females first

Post-Exertional Malaise

I felt good today, so I cleaned up a bit. Suddenly felt tired once I sat down :(

So today was another caffeine day. I had one Peanut Toffee Buzz Cliff bar and a Red Bull Zero instead of two bars to cut down on calories. I'm going to have to eat less now that I'm not exercising.

I can see now that I will have to go some time not lifting at all, maybe not exercising at all. I was hoping to simply cut down, but that's clearly not going to work if simply going through some piles of paper make me tired.

The caffeine somehow simultaneously gave me laser focus and nervous energy. I suppose I had a bit more than I needed. I was suddenly compelled to play a computer game for hours. I'd never been able to stick with a computer game for that long. Didn't get shit ready for tomorrow (grocery day) like I was supposed to.

My life is such a mess. 1.5 years housed, then my apartment burns down. A couple months out of the damned shelter, then I gnt sick and can't figure out why. I've been dealing with this fatigue for four and a half months now. I looked back in my journal to see if I'd changed anything in particular when it started. I first posted about it in mid-February. That's when I decided to increase my protein intake and started taking the hemp protein powder. Nothing really stands out.

So no lifting for one week. I've already freakin forgotten proper deadlifting technique. Shitty kinesthetic intelligence.